fabrykaMazuraqua sp. z o.o. manages the extracting, bottling and distribution of natural spring and mineral waters. They are offered in various packaging from traditional PET bottles through glass bottles and PET cans which are the novelty on market. Our products are available at large local chain stores, hotels and restaurants throughout Poland. We also deliver them to many foreign customers.

Water is extracted from Morena intake located in the area of the Ilowo-Osada community at the Warmia – Mazurian District. More than half of the community area belongs to protected 160-hetare forest reservation called Oak Mountain. Postglacial hilly regions here are rich in aquifers. Sands, gravels and clays create protective layer under which there are groundwater reservoirs which main resources are from Quaternary geological formations. This underground water is of high quality and does not require any additional production interventions. Its stabile chemical composition and moderate mineralisation, as well as underground environment and natural chemical and microbiological purity guarantee the highest quality. This is low sodium water that is suitable for drinking and preparing food for infants as well as people suffering from high blood pressure. This has been confirmed by the studies carried out by highly specialised institutions such as National Institute of Public Health – The National Hygiene Institute in Poznan and Warsaw and also the State Sanitary Inspectorate.

Soon we forecast launching new water intakes and expansion our portfolio with new categories of products.

Mazuraqua company operates in accordance with the HACCP system, is up to date with the latest food safety and quality control standards in the field of water production and distribution according to FSSC 22000 norms.


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