Water from Ilowo Area

The bottled water, produced by Mazuraqua Sp. z o.o., is extracted from an intake located in the area of the Ilowo-Osada community at the Warmia – Mazurian District. More than a half of the community area belongs to protected 160-hetare forest reservation called Oak Mountain. The main object of the protection is hilly landscape with ancient oaks. These 300-hundred-year-old oaks are the remains of primary oak forest. Postglacial hilly regions here are rich in aquifers. Sands, gravels and clays create protective layer under which there are groundwater reservoirs which main resources are from Quaternary geological formations. This underground water is of high quality and it is characterized by a distinctive taste and purity. Its mineralisation does not exceed 500 mg/dm3. This is low sodium water with no need of any additional production interventions. Its stabile chemical composition, underground environment and natural chemical and microbiological purity guarantee the highest quality. This has been confirmed by the hydrological studies carried out by the Polish Geological Institute as well as highly specialised institutions monitoring the quality of drinking water in Poland such as agencies of the National Institute of Public Health – The National Hygiene Institute in Poznan and Warsaw.

Professor Marek Gromiec, Ph. D., DSc.
Chairman of the Polish Committee for International Water Association, UN expert, lecturer at the University of Texas, USA, member of the American Academy of the successful graduates of the Faculty of Construction, Environmental Engineering and Architecture.